Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review: Baring Witness. Edited by Holly Welker Mormon Marriage attitudes laid bare.

36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly about Love, Sex, and Marriage

I am a seeker. I am a Christian in a Anglican low Church with methodist roots. I have recently made  a concerted effort to examine other denominations of Christianity . This book provided an excellent  way to learn more  about Mormonism  and dispel a few myths whilst still examining  bigger themes, most notably ideas of marriage and feminist perspectives from within the confines of  Mormon matrimony.

This collection of essays was well prefaced with explanation and supported by a fine glossary of terms. It is hard to review a whole with such diverse voices , but the curation of the topic was tight , the women chosen to contribute; brave, open and honest. 

This is not a fun read and is at times challenging reading as my own beliefs chafe quite considerably with Mormon teachings, but every viewpoint was balanced and not preachy in sense which could have been the case in a collection such as this.

I learnt much and feel my understanding of both Mormon Marriage and  the challenges of marriage on the whole, has been increased in an interesting and  accessible way.

If I ever feel the need to delve deeper into these topics, Holly Welker would be one on the first authors I might seek for source material.

This was an ARC from the publisher.

It is published on 16/08/2016 by University of Illinois Press

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