Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review: Role Reversal by Iris Waichler. Caring for Elderly parents a useful guide.

Given an Advance reader copy by the Publisher, was pleased to delve into this one as it has personal resonance.

This book was part biography and part advice manual.

It works equally well as both. 

The personal Story of Iris  Waichler, a nursing professional whose expertise in geriatric and social care  and work as a medical advocate was helpful as her own family watched the decline of their beloved Father is both comforting and inspiring for anyone seeing a parent come into the autumn of their years.

The pride in her Father and his indomitable spirit is really evident  here and the open and frank style makes it easier to relate to the trials and tribulations the family face, as so many readers will be familiar to anyone with ageing or ailing parents. Yes Iris has more grounding in the areas that might become problematic but her human and honest reactions are a comfort and show the reader that they are not alone in their worry or shock at the decline in their once healthy and vibrant parents. 

This reassuring style is invaluable in a book of this nature.

The advice sections are well researched, and arranged in such a way as to be just as easy to dip into when the need arises,  as to read as a whole.  This is the way I advise the use of this book. Read the whole thing and highlight and annotate those portions that most relate in the moment and then come back again to use as a reference resource, a springboard into more extensive research in the areas of most concern.

There is a focus on the USA in service provision but there are plenty of tips and techniques that cross the pond very easily.

The book hits stores on 16/08/2016, published by She Writes Press

If more books follow I would happily recommend them!

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