Friday, 22 July 2016

The second book in a this endearing little series by Alan Parks

Alan and Lorna are still trying to scrape a living from their alpaca farm in Andalucia. The weather is still extreme to say the least and their menagerie of dogs, cats and  some chickens are ever the source of  consternation and humour, often at once!

Moving to warmer climes for Lorna’s health they have settled in  the area close to C√≥rdoba and despite some terrible mortalities for some of the babies, the Alpaca family appear to be starting to adjust. Written as a series of short chapters about events in and around the  plot of land for their Alpaca venture and the Friends they have garnered around the locality, this book is light and frothy, so a perfect summer read.

This is much the same territory as “ Seriously Mum , What’s an Alpaca”  we stray not a jot from the style or format of the former book in the series, but that is no bad thing.  The animals still get a little voice over at the end of every chapter, rather like Arkwright at the end of “Open  All Hours”. Their contribution is always endearing.

This is not high drama or high farce for that matter, but  more about normal lives being lived out in a extraordinary locale.  It is but a  tiny casement window into the life in that area of Spain where olive growing and stray dogs are part of everyday life! But it is nice to peek  in every once in a while.

This is a gentle book that does not try to be anything more than a personal story of anecdotal vignettes, but it  is wonderful to read with a glass of something chilly and crisp as light starts to fade on a summer evening as you sit and wonder if the solar panels at the mill have managed to store enough residual power to allow Alan to turn on the washing machine!?

A thoroughly enjoyable little read

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