Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Book Review: ROAR, an original story. By Nicole Trope.

Gifted by the author as a free Audiobook,  by my TBC group on Facebook, this was my first experience of Ms Trope's writing. 

A short story of amazing resonance considering it's Brevity.

Here we have the story of a woman attempting an escape from an emotionally and physically abusive marriage and chronicling the rapid decline in her mental esteem and the dampening of the stridency of her inner voice to tell her that enough is enough. 

The placatory way that she attempts to keep the peace, the little ways she tries to pre-empt his ire and  the inner dialogue she has with herself as she questions her capacity to ever escape are vividly depicted and the tension is palpable throughout.

It shows the fierce love she has for her child, an innocent drawn into the toxicity of a domestic abuse situation, and the short hours we spend with her as she awaits the resolution to her problem are taut and uncomfortable , as we as readers start asking ourselves, "what would we do?"

The morality of her decision at first seems questionable, I found myself reluctantly standing in moral judgement at the tale's opening, but as the back story unfolds, I began to question my own ideas as to whether the end  justified the means by which her escape might be assured.

Be warned this is not a comfortable story by any means and there is a fair amount of swearing but there is an integrity to the grittiness and truth resonates throughout the piece which I think is what makes it feel so unbalancing , as we know that the story is that of every victim of domestic abuse and whilst the extremity of the solution is certainly not preferable , the reason why she may have been pushed to such extremes is not. 

I think anyone who has ever questioned their own value to the world or themselves can see how easily one might fall into the Venus fly trap of similar abuse and how the drip drip drip of regular, but random chipping away at confidence might be lead to a lethargy in taking action that , in this case at least, only the perceived threat to an innocent might be the catalyst snap them out of that lethargy into positive action.

"Roar " is an excellent title as the  symbolism of a lioness protecting a cub is most fitting and I can honestly say, that this short story narrated by Australian Actress  Susan Strafford has definitely put Nicole Trope onto my authors to seek out list. A triumphal beginning to our Reader/Writer relationship!

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