Monday, 8 August 2016

Book Review: War Torn by Kenneth Miller. The psychologist's perspective.

A solid exploration of the plight of those attempting to escape persecution in times of war or Millitary occupation.

Harrowing tales from some of the least publicised recent War Zones and some that  we are very familiar with, but wish we weren't. I had particularly sought this book to look more closely at the Balkan conflict. Whilst it was an interesting psychological examination, I personally feel Mr Miller did not invest enough in allowing the subjects their own voice. 

A little too much emphasis on the medicine and treatment and the author's own biographical experience of his travels  and not enough straight testimony  from those affected for my own personal tastes . The filter of the methods of treatment diminished the power of the personal stories  and I definitely felt the first chapters were wasted opportunities as it was very generalised and even when individuals were cited their stories seemed rushed. This improved as the book progressed, but this soured the reading experience for me.

I would of liked more in the subject's own words. 

Well written, but not quite what I had hoped for.

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