Friday, 5 August 2016

TV Review: Boy Meets Girl, season two another triumph!

Regular visitors to my blog will have seen that last year’s standout comedy favourite was a little unassuming series called Boy Meets Girl, the wonderful love story of sweet and kind Leo and Judy a transgendered woman and the slowly unfolding drama as  their respective families learn about the truth of their relationship.

I utterly adored it, so it was with some trepidation that I came to series Two, I did not want it to be less than it had been in series One. I need not have worried of course this gentle, clever and tender comedy is just as good as it ever was.

With the tension of whether matriarch Pam would find out about Judy’s former gender now abated, I wondered how  dramatic development would continue, but the writers have been more subtle, there little !  

The family are still as in your face and interfering as ever with James and Peggy vying for the “looniest of them all” prize. There is a rounder cast with a new transgendered character, a young female to male whose own battle to find a place for himself  seems angrier as his youth means he is less happy in his skin and his subsequent  pseudo adoption by Pam and Tony is rather lovely.

 To complete the cast is a boyfriend for the lovable. ”sister with no  filters” Jackie, a boyfriend who asks all the questions that less sophisticated script writers would have put in Leo’s mouth in Season One. Herein lies the beauty of the show, it does not lower itself to what might be the expected storyline or exposition, it is more nuanced in every way and oh so much better for it!

I was worried that like many other sitcoms that there would be a spanner in the works, a love interest that splits the lovely couple and there were little smoke signals from the young blonde, brash courier manager, but to my joy Leo was… Well Leo! (Huzzah!!)  and with Leo at her side Judy has blossomed and the joy on her face when….

SPOILER SPOILERS SPOILER look away now if you have not watched the whole series…

She sees her beloved in his morning suit, at their wedding is just the best gift to a big soppy romantic like me!

Hilarious, warm , but tough Denise Welsh, the utterly gorgeous Harry Hepple and the poised and sophisticated Rebecca Root have been the heart of the show from the very start and I was so desperately happy to see that they were the emotional core of the last episode which left me crying happy tears as the credits rolled.


  1. Totally agree. Marvellously written, perfect casting and so well acted, a total joy to watch

  2. Sounds like a great series to watch, I just wish that it was being shown here in the states.

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    1. Whoops ! Did not mean to do that!

    2. Very detailed review, they should hire you as a scriptwriter or editor, you certainly see into all the nuances of story arc and character development !!