Sunday, 18 September 2016

Book Review: Mythfits by Heide Goode and Iain Grant.

Mythfits - A short story collection by Heidi Goody and Iain Grant

This is my first experience with this talented twosome, but I think perhaps,not my last!

Fun Fun Fun!

The stories herein are a delight! They are wickedly funny, slyly subversive and very very clever! I am loathe to give away their secrets, because I want readers to discover them for themselves, but suffice to say I am very pleased to have made the acquaintance of Jeremy Clovenhoof and his motley band of flat mates.

This is an exceptionally witty and Well crafted collection. I chuckled often and smiled wryly at the clever inversion of some of our most enduring mythical creatures  and religious icons;in the deft hands of Heide and Iain, a veritable powerhouse of a team it would seem!

One of my favourites is that of  the squabbling Archangels all meeting for a crafty pre -Christmas reunion , all learning a thing or two about the reality of Human hearts. The angel of death praying that folk might pass away via the colourful  means of cracker "choke hazards" is indicative of the darkly comic minds at  work here.

The Non-Specific Prayer Assessment Unit is a thing of genius. There are some wonderfully knowing swipes at a number of religions here both ancient and established Christian figures. The placing of them in modern settings, within the mundane roles and popular culture of today just adds to their comic appeal.

With such arresting cover and an obvious joyful glee  apparent in the creation of  each of these exuberant  tales, I have no compunction in suggesting them to anyone looking for an amusing
diversion this autumn!

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  1. Just reading the phrase "Non-Specific Prayer Assessment Unit" made me laugh out loud!! Ha!! Thanks Emma this looks whimsical & fun. Anything that makes me think about spiritual things is helpful!