Monday, 19 September 2016

Book Review: No Idea by Si Page

No idea the new novel by Si Page.
General Fiction

Reading “No idea”  by Si Page seems a tiny bit  to me, like reading  a slightly veiled personal account wrapped up in a very engaging story. There appears to be much gleaned from Mr  Page’s  personal experience here. The torment of the(as yet)  unfulfilled literary endeavour rings very true and an obvious erring towards the examination of Christian Faith seem par for the course for a reasonably new author whose previous career trajectory was as a pastor.

Of course there is a lot more to offer here, but much (as is always a good thing in these sorts of gritty comedic books) seems to be fairly factual.

One would hope that Simon’s friends and living conditions were not quite so squalid and unsavoury in his formative years as  are those of our anti Hero- Rob, but the grotty flat mates and the almost fetid hopelessness of the poor man when we first meet him certainly lend themselves to much blackish humour.

 I could not  help but warm to the hapless young man, who could blame him for allowing himself to sink so low before dragging himself up by the Croc strap when his formative years were filled with loss and abandonment, so in a way he stomachs his two horrendous lodgers for far longer than he should because they at least are constants in his very small sphere and even filth ridden  stinking stability is better than no stability at all.

Rob is also emotionally unavailable resulting in him only having one friend outside his flat an old lady another exceptionally lonely soul seeking completion via a reconnection with family. She like Rob himself seeks solace in trying to engineer familial connection.

As events unfold, he finds a path to forgiving the sins of his parents that have left him emotionally scarred into his thirties, he finds a pretty and joyful soulmate to share his adventures both exciting and Domestic and ultimately he finds it in himself to brave the world to finally fight for his due.

No idea is a book about Russians and Cybercrime, but also about redemption, Love and justice,I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who has been thwarted in the literary, electronic or romance arenas, there is something here for everyone.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I am glad you enjoyed it! :-)