Saturday, 29 October 2016

Book Review: Leap Of Faith -Books one in the Temporal Detective Series by Richard Hardie

A Leap  of Faith by Hardie

I very gratefully accepted a free copy of this book from the Author through my book club.

What a treat!

This is just a brilliant, exuberant and joyful book, I know it is aimed at Young Adults and the rather skilful lack of swearing is testament to the humour of Mr Hardie in the way that cursing is alluded to, but never actually expressed and that means that the book is suitable to any reader  and as a grown woman I enjoyed It immensely!

As a firm fan of the BBC Saturday teatime adaptation of Merlin which had the same flavour of fun,  the idea of time travelling detectives set in this world  is just so delicious!  Taking the age old legendary figures of The tales of Camelot, turning them on their head in a very wry tongue in cheek and feminist way is inspired and the youthful rather irresponsible nature of our main heroine Tertia is  wonderfully realised.

This is quite simply a really enjoyable romp with so many comedic touches as to keep you chuckling from start to finish.

Strongly recommended.

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