Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Book Review: The Master Piecers By Olivia Wildenstein

The Masterpiecers - By Olivia Wildenstein

In the spirit of full disclosure this book was gifted by the author to whet the appetite for the second book in this two part series.

This was a refreshing change from the usual YA/NA novels I have read recently. A story about twin sisters that was never formulaic or trite. Sisters that love each other deeply but somehow never really gelled. Both are wracked with a fear that their opposite Sibling has been involved in a mob ring and yet not once do they attempt to betray or bring harm to to the other.

Aster is incarcerated in prison for the possible murder of a well known mobster and the other,Ivy imprisoned in her own way on the intrusive reality show that is rather like a glamourous Big Brother for artistic types who want to join a salubrious Art school. Pitted against a raft of rather  obnoxious types, spiky Ivy is sequestered away from her life and the events that are conspiring against both sisters.

The two POV structure works exceptionally well and we as the readers are able to discern the truth of the story as the sisters are sent on a bit of a merry dance just the weeniest  bit in advance and sometimes that reader knowledge make the machinations of those in the shadows all the more chilling.

This was a fast paced story considering the fact that the story is  basically set in two confined environments .The relative youth of the main protagonists by no means narrows the audience reach here, this is easily a book that anyone interested in a different kind of thrilling character led story might enjoy. The characterisation is spot on. I liked both sisters despite them both being flawed and faceted, neither is entirely sympathetic and yet both are utterly relatable. I found myself wishing I knew more about their formative years, but think perhaps his might come in the second book that focuses on their childhood friend and his reaction to their predicament as an outsider.

I am glad that my own sister and I have a slightly more healthy relationship but it was very interesting to get a slightly more caustic outlook on sibling affection.

I am excited to read the next book in the series.

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  1. Every aspect of this book sounds great. I'll recommend it!! I have a big long list of books I want to read....😀