Thursday, 6 October 2016

Book Review :The Masterminds by Olivia Wildenstein

The Masterminds by Olivia Wilderstein.

In the interests of duality and balance, this book was inevitable, this is the story of the menfolk first introduced in book one The Masterpiecers. Josh and Brook are seemingly adversaries as the truth of Brook's involvement in events that have left Aster in a coma and Ivy looking over her shoulder indefinitely for the mobsters who seek to kill both sisters over the loss of some valuable diamonds and their knowledge that will leave all of the guilty incarcerated .

Josh as desperate loyal man, a true childhood friend and confidante to both girls and his friendship is a constant and the driving force for the story.

Meanwhile, Brook is the man brought low by his associations and his own brotherly jealousy. His  pseudo fraternal bond with some dubious characters leave him in despair as his love for Ivy is sullied and he is wracked with guilt whilst still savouring every moment he has in her presence despite the pain and discomfort of that guilt.

Again the story here is taut and well plotted and again we delve deeply into what galvanises and catalyses us despite the darkness it might stem from. Jealousies, trust issues and love itself. Again this book does not come to what one might call the "expected " conclusion but despite it's unpredictable nature it is satisfying and brings the stories of Aster Brook, Ivy and Josh to a close with excitement, sadness and a bit of a pang that our association has come to an end.

I highly recommend this book, but suggest both as a unit for a really enjoyable pairing. I will have no difficulty seeking out more books by the Author if this is the quality of her work.

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