Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Book Review: The Queen of Blogging by Therese Lorskar

The Queen of Blogging 

This is a light and frothy book, written in a diarist style about a young mum in Sweden whose health and vitality blog seems to have taken over her life to the extent that she is trawling the Internet for pictures of uber healthy meals to present as her own whilst juggling husband and three young children and the demands of her “commenting” readership.

She takes photographs of dinners she never eats and in faux activity poses whilst pretending to exercise. The crunch comes when a reader tempts her enough into a calamitous meeting for lunch and to pretend an association with a US fitness guru beyond all possibility  of achievement in real life.
There is a mild shallowness and selfishness to Kajsa as she borderline neglects her children and oblivious to the actions of her neglected husband, but she is clever, quick of mind and even occasionally on her feet.

A good fun read about the perils of social media and the quest for constant approval and recognition that becomes  a vacuum into which we might fall if we allow ourselves. Some laugh out loud moments but more a wry shaking of the head as we see more of ourselves than we would like to admit.

There is a darkness o Swedish humour as I am discovering but one that I find I enjoy.

A quick quirky read.

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