Sunday, 30 October 2016

Book Review: Trouble with Swords by Richard Hardie

Trouble with Swords By Richard Hardie

This second book in the Temporal Detective Agency series builds on the very solid foundation of the first book. Tertia and her Agency cohorts have settled into their roles beautifully, there are romantic rumblings aplenty in Tertia’s heart as new boy David starts proving his worth and we get more time with Arthur and Merlin in this instalment plus some revelations and returns from some of the favourite Knight of the Round Table. Again it is really the women who push the story along with the boys adding a little bit of beef when brute force is needed!

The gift of humour that Richard Hardie utilises with a subtle hand on these stories, elevate them above the norm. I suspect that the rather nifty Cameo from Mr T Pratchett and family in the restaurant and the author bio are testament to a hulking great inspiration from the disc-world author and the obvious interest and joy  in that clever comedic turn of phrase is clear.

 The story cleverly weaves in some great Historical figures into the plot. Whilst history is bent a little, I am sure  that these little titbits will be catalysts for some of  the more  questing young minds to do some research of their own.

A perfect read for youngsters nine and over I would say, although I got immense pleasure from returning to the TDA cave myself.

It is awfully good fun and the perfect length for  a quick read on a winter night with a cup of Earl Grey and some Bickies. It is a huge shame though that  Merl Grey is so hard to pick up in Sainsbury's these days!

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