Monday, 17 October 2016

TBC 20/20 Blogger Event Book Sixteen - Who will Love Polly Oddlum

Who will love Polly Oddlum? By Anne Marie Forrest

Polly loves Davy, who loves Michaela, who loves Colin, but who will love Polly?

Polly is the first in her family to go to university. She stays in a hostel during the week and commutes home each weekend. She watches Davy and admires him from afar. To stop the questions about her “boyfriend” she tells her family about Davy, though he is just a friend (eventually). If only  she knew the truth.

Davy is an ex-convict who is only homeless but not actually in university. He has figured out that it is an easy place to blend in. He loves to sit in classes and learn and  the cafeteria is a very low cost place to eat.

Davy has seen Michaela walking to work each morning and is not only drawn to her wonderful hair but ends up returning her wallet to her when she dropped it.

Michaela is married and very much in love with Colin. Michaela is working in a local law office and has a lot of free time to let her mind wander. Though she doesn't figure out that Colin loves a lot more than her and is continually cheating on her.

The three become friends as their lives collide, resulting in a refreshing new take on the love triangle

My Review:

This is a well crafted chick lit, the characters are more than just stereotypes and the story goes in directions you might not imagine.  Polly in particular is a character I grew to like very much. I think many women  would see a lot of their own young selves in her insecurities.

This book stayed with me long after I finished it and unlike others in this genre which can on occasion become a little identicate, the plot was a genuine surprise and all the better for it.

Why is this in my Top 20?

The pure originality of the resolution raised this above the other mediocre fare that can often be par for the course in  this genre. I loved Polly Oddlum and I am very sure you will too.

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