Sunday, 27 November 2016

Book Review: Beauty Sleeping by Farha Z Hasan

Beauty Sleeping by Farha Z Hasan.

This was a fairy tale within a Modern day Romance. I think the Romance worked better than the fairy tale elements. It is a solid Love story set in a community that is rarely touched on in mainstream romances which was very refreshing.

I found myself frustrated by the repetitive nature of Laila’s Narrative(The sleeping beauty of the title). We really learnt nothing of the nature of the prophecy that held her captive whilst in the comatose state, this the mystical side of the plot seemed under developed .

Things were hinted at but never really realised, the moving through dreams, astral projection and manipulations were all excellent devices but never really use to their full potential

Even as a pseudo Villain,  the selfish , vain greedy elder sister  as remembered by the other characters as the story unfolded, she was not interesting enough to hold down her side of the story, which is a real shame because the setting of a love story between Anglo-East Asian star crossed lovers, against a slightly magical backdrop was a plot  I was deeply drawn to and I enjoyed getting to know Safia and Aidan and watching their friendship blossom.

I am Grateful to Evatopia Press and folks at Netgalley for the ARC for giving me a chance to read this book.

As a love story I give it four out of five, but I am deducting a point for the slightly meandering narration by Laila that repeated phrases so often as to become ever so slightly tedious and the missed opportunity to make this a more magical read.

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  1. It sounds as though the book has good potential, but that it really needed a good editor.
    Editors (good ones) are very important!
    Thanks for all your reviews! I don't always have time to read and/or comment, but I enjoy what I read!