Saturday, 12 November 2016

Book Review: BlakeMort Shani Struthers

Blakemort by Shani Struthers

This eerie ghost story is a triumph of Christmas themed chills, reminiscent of a story by James Herbert I read as a young teen.The tale is more chilling because it’s animosity is focused  on a  young girl and her  brother , brought to the house by a broken  and grieving  mother recovering from a marital betrayal, who is oblivious to the tainted place she has brought her offspring to. Attacked and by ghosts and the house itself, a beacon for evil and death it would seem.These spirits are not  seeking release, they enjoy torturing, perverting and manipulating! 

This is the first of Shani Struthers works I have read but it has definitely whetted my appetite to read more of the Psychic Surveys series.

A Perfect read next to a warm fire and perhaps one extra lamp on in the bedroom in case your own house begins to feel that little bit oppressive. 

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