Friday, 18 November 2016

Book Review: Christmas at the Cat Cafe by Melissa Daley

Christmas at The Cat Cafe. By Melissa Daley

This is the second in a series, but it does not matter so much in this instance as the story is cleverly woven to intimate at all the pertinent back story so as  to enable this to stand alone as a beautiful Christmas  tale.

The continuing story of Molly the cat who is the inspiration for a cat cafe where the feline personalities are just as important as the flavour of the coffee or delicious sweets available behind the counter.

Molly and her brood are to all intents and purposes settled at the Cafe, humans  and cats are in a gentle synchronicity until Debbie and Sophie's comfortable bubble is burst in one foul swoop by interfering sister Linda and her (gasp!) hyperactive dog.

On the surface this would be a humourous story about cats versus humans or cat versus Dog, but do not be fooled by the beautiful kitten  on the  truly delightful cover, this story has claws too.

It is much more complex and layered, this is a story about family, about abandonment issues, about prioritising love over loyalty and about not judging a person's character or motivations before seeking to hear them express them and the cleverest thing is it is all presented through the eyes of a group of cats and kittens.

The book is a lovely Christmas read, but it is not all fluffy tinsel and cocoa, it is dark in places, sad  and realistic, but it is hopeful and joyous at it's end which is all one can ask  for from Santa himself and prompts me to find out about Molly's origin story in Melissa's previous book too.

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  1. Emma, I can't imagine a more delightful book! THANK YOU !! Sharing!!!