Monday, 21 November 2016

Book Review: Death Stalks Kettle Street by John Bowen

Death Stalks Kettle Street. By John Bowen

Gifted a free copy by the author via TBC on Facebook, I am pleased to say - What a corker of a book!

The planets aligned and the perfect combination of character, plot and structure were produced.

An OCD amateur sleuth, a mildly disabled female cohort. A brilliant setting and a quirkily  staged set of murders.

Red Herrings and likely suspects season the dish,  a street riven with clever deaths with  the clues sent days ahead of the crime giving poor Greg a man unable to be spontaneous due to his affliction a terrible dilemma.

If this were just a cosy crime, it would be good.There are shades here of Agatha Christie here.However the brilliance of including device of a writer's course directing the reader to  the  clues and patterns of the  genre  to look out for and a veritable masterclass in how to actually Craft a cosy murder story is genius!

The draft of Beth’s draft novel is also…well novel and produces a kind of unwelcome but beautifully realised syncopation to the flow of the story.

For the first time in a long time, I did not cotton to the killer until our hero and that was a rather lovely bonus!

The most appealing thing about the book for me was the brilliant interplay between Greg and  Beth Grue. The sensitive way both OCD and Cerebral Palsy were approached was the clincher for me. These two people generally dismissed by society are not only fully rounded and complex human beings but they find a synchronicity with each other that outweighs their physical and mental limitations allowing their gifts shine. A lovely partnership in all the words’s various connotations!

Fabulous, please buy it and then share it.

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