Friday, 4 November 2016

Book Review: Flip-Flops Fiestas and Flamenco by Donna Hepburn

Flip-Flops Fiestas and Flamenco by Donna Hepburn

A gift from the publisher and Author, this was the perfect read on the bus and train during the current cold snap. In some ways a classic of the genre, disgruntled middle aged women leave behind marital trauma or life dissatisfaction in grim old Blighty for a new life in the sun, in this case Spain.

What lifted this particular  story beyond the ordinary for me though,  were the  sassy and strong  heroines, both of whom are independent  and resourceful. I warmed to both equally despite their different personality traits.

Just as important was the fact that they are not renovating a dilapidated farmhouse/Villa/vineyard which has kind of been done to death in these kinds of books.

The liberal sprinkling of four legged (and sometimes three legged) creatures throughout the story acting as both comic relief and emotional anchor are also a welcome addition.

This sun sea and sangria tale was light, frothy  with just enough romance thrown in  for good measure to suit any lover of Women’s Fiction, but not so overdone as to alienate those who just want a fun and amusing story.

 This was  the perfect antidote to a cold and drizzly British Autumn. The second book “High Heels, Hope and Haciendas” is already planned and I will definitely be seeking it out!

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