Thursday, 24 November 2016

Book Review : The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse

The Food of Love

This is the first Amanda Prowse book I have read, I am lucky enough to have been offered a copy via netgalley.

This book is not enjoyable in the sense that most books I choose normally might be. It is often very uncomfortable reading and uncompromisingly stark in it’s presentation of the ravages that Anorexia has on an entire family. I found myself getting angry, sad and appalled as each setback was revealed.

The changes in the once vivacious child, the physical destruction of muscle, bone and energy are awful  to experience but it is the honest examination of the effect on moods and the behaviour of sufferers that makes this horrific disease so much more  affecting as each family member is tortured by the arrival of a dark presence in their home.

I am not a mother and so I was often frustrated with Freya whose need to protect her child often is taken to extremes that I found wearying. I found myself  siding with more practical Husband Lockie, but it  was the interactions between sisters Lexi and older sister  Charlotte that eventually; (after a gargantuan effort on my part) reduced me to tears.

Here the message seems to be Love is powerful but in the face of a mental illness is is powerful enough to overcome? It is such a destructive illness and this story  is written cleverly so you expect one outcome and receive another and that emotional insecurity as a reader that really raised this book above the ordinary for me.

Ms Prowse is a skilled storyteller that writes familial situation stories with a deft hand, mixing the horrific with the sentimental and creates  almost magical vignettes within the main story , reinforcing how a close knit, loving family can heal and evolve in the face of huge emotional upheaval.

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