Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Book Review: Lad by Andrew Webber

Lad By Andrew Webber.

Oh how the other half live. This is an uncompromising look at what it means to be a young man today. I  suspects crowd of young men across the land will be cursing Andrew Webber  out  for pulling back the curtain to reveal just how low the young male of the species will stoop to get a warm body in his bed of a night.

Danny Small is kind of repellent, a manipulative womaniser  and the stereotype of everything your mother warned you about as you walked out of the door on a date. Using vulnerable women as playthings, drinking, carousing and scrapping  his way through life.

The trouble was whilst I did not warm to Danny, I  was saddened to recognise a permissiveness in the girls he chooses  that in some ways encourages a pattern to form. Yes he takes advantage of every little area of weakness ,but It is a universal truth that if you think you can get away with a behaviour you will continue it until something places a barrier in your way.

This book is as much about how young women perceive themselves as how young men act out within their groups

Danny is a child in a man’s body, who needs to be leader of the pack , to be centre of attention to feel valued, who needs to schedule everything from food to sex, allowing not a moment of time to be truly alone with himself to consider the reality of his life .

Danny is not likeable, but he is pitiable. He is in denial  about his own culpability in the  ways he hurts , manipulates. His journey Is not an Arc, it is more a free-fall that never quite hits the bottom hard enough to be redemptive .

This is a perceptive and quite sobering book, brilliantly evoking a scene that makes every mother with sons shudder and Father shake his head as little whispers of the lad he was himself rise in his memory.

Excellent but not fulfilling, you just want to add your own chapter where you enter and give him a good talking to but sadly Mr Webber was not available to take notes from the thousands of people ( I hope )will read this story and decide on what they want to say to him, whether it is to pat him on the back or slap some sense into him!

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