Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Interview EXCLUSIVE with RISING star Lumiere89, new songster on the block!

Something a little bit different today.

A chance for me to showcase a brand new talent on the music scene. Back in the day I just knew him as Rich, a good  friend at work who happened to be a keen guitarist. 
Richard,   better known to his adoring fans on Spotify (other  music platforms are available ) as Lumiere89  took himself  off  to the the continent where he is basking (and gloating , it must be said)  in  his new life in the South of France.

While he settled into a more gallic way of life  has undertaken to take his musical leanings to the next level and has been writing and producing  new material  under his new nom de plume.

He took time out to talk to me about his newest project… New Single  Fallen!

First and foremeost before we get to the new song  Congratulations on the success you had with debut Single   "Hit The Wall"  Richard. 
It has been very  well received for an independent artist with very little previous exposure  I gather?

Thank you, it's always hard to know how well your music will be 
received by people but with this first song I was happy. For a first 
single with as you say, no previous exposure, it's always gratifying to see streams on Spotify or plays on Soundcloud. It's a good starting base for me now to push on and start releasing the other music in the future.

The sound is quite singular, and fresh,  what you are terming Indiepop  in your promo material. Why
did you pick this particular style  as your base sound ? it is afterall  certainly a departure  and much more layered and complex than your  previous more rock laden musical projects.

I've always loved any guitar based sound but overall I will and always have listened to every type of music around, with the 
exception of Reggae, can't get my head around it!
In terms of when I started writing music, I'd like to think it's a mix of a lot of music styles that I love. Musical influences.. well right now current music wise it's artists such as Banks, F.K.A Twigs, The Kills, Haim but these are just a few. 

The Kills and Banks would be the main ones for me at the moment, if I could come anywhere remotely close to either then  would be a very happy boy. Historically I'm all over the place, heavy rock, pop, indie ...pretty much anything with a strong melody!

I have  always loved vocal harmony bands and singers so I guess that's carried over into my own songwriting. Refining harmony 

work in songs is probably the part of song writing that takes the most time, I do get a bit perfectionist with it and so lose countless 
days and weeks until i'm happy with the overall sound before 
moving forward. The fact that I have to write, record and produce 
everything myself is the main reason it takes a while to finish a 
song but I am however going to move back more towards a rock 
indie sound which is where overall I feel more comfortable
Lumiere 89  is a suitably fitting epihet for the style it really fits, did you consider any other names
before you landed on this one?

I did actually, I found it harder coming up with a name than actually writing the songs! Lumiere 89 means something to me 
though which is better than just a random name out of a hat I guess.Plenty of rejected ideas but none shall be divulged 

Tell us about the new tune then Fella..

Well I was just messing around with the keyboard one day and came across the opening melody and from there the song was nothing more than the intro. I had that idea for a while, just this 
intro melody but as with most ideas the verses and chorus just evolved over time. I think I initially came up with it just walking around and from there it all came together. The song itself is written about someone going through a depression but from the point of view of a close friend who doesn't have the best interests of the sufferer at heart.

I really like It despite the rather serious theme, but then I was privileged to hear it in many of it's
various incarnations, how useful is it to have people listening to the songs prior to general release?

Always important to get a variety of feedback from trusted sources 
with new material especially as after a while you end up too close to it, very hard to be impartial at that stage.  However  in future I 
think I'm going to trust my gut instinct rather than fretting so much 
over the views of others, finishing a song by committee can also 

have its drawbacks.You have created videos for both songs, , how did you find  it creating visual cues for the melodic and lyrical content?

In the future it's definitely something I would like to pursue with a bit more ambition. As with all these things its about money, know 
how and the timing but I'd certainly like to do more stuff moving 

The promo pictures are fantastic, Tres handsome monIf I did not know better , I would think you have been at this lark for a long time. Knowing you as I do though this seems to be something a little out of your comfort zone as you are a private person by nature, could it be  perhaps  that in  fact , music allows you to  be something that perhaps your daily persona does not allow for, you are not Rich, but lumiere89?

Very much out of my comfort zone, im not one for center of attention but for this sort of thing in todays modern world you justhave to have some promo material available. I don't think too deeply about the other things that go with it to be honest, i just like 
to play guitar, write songs and hopefully some people will like it. As far as me personally feeling anything deeper, you are talking to the wrong guy for that!

Right  Now people are raring to hear some music where can they find you (and more importantly hear you?) 

The main source of information/news would be my Instagram account @lumiere89ismyname which I like to update regularly. Same goes for Twitter @lumiere89music.

Otherwise there is my official site and Soundcloud -

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