Tuesday, 22 November 2016

TBC 20/20 Blogger Event Book Six. Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

 Book Six  of My Top 20 is  Dimestore Magic  by Kelley Armstrong

Category - Vampire Fantasy


This is the story of Paige Winterbourn a twenty three year old woman, who worries about her weight, despairs over her lack of boyfriend and how she is going to talk her young ward out of trying to raise her dead mother with Black Magic. Yes Paige is a witch  and Savannah her fifteen year old adopted daughter whose  parental rights are  put in jeopardy when Savanah's Father demands  her back now that her Mother is gone and so begins this rollicking ride of sorcerers, necromancy and lawyers

My review

The first of my slightly more contentious choices this one, it is the third in a series and despite the brilliance of Bitten and Stolen which are fabulous books in their own right about a female werewolf and her Pack family which I also strongly recommend, it is in this book where I feel the Otherworld series really started to blossom for me.

There are many authors who write good vampire fantasy and maybe grittier stories than these,but Canadian Kelley Armstrong has a real knack of crafting a fun story that will appeal  to fans of more than supernatural fiction and this is no exception.  The Otherworld series has such an intricate cast of characters that pop up in each other's timelines and this book is when the Council of magic really comes to the fore. The council is like an overseer making sure no magical race starts overstepping and bringing unwarranted attention from the humans. The premise of which had been set up nicely by the Werewolves of Bitten who had been monitoring their own and are then invited to take a seat on the council that monitors witches, vampires and other races.

Paige is a wonderfully reluctant heroine and the feud between witches and sorcerers is a clever device to set up the tension between her and my Favourite hero  from the many men  in this series, Lucas Cortez  and  with the inclusion of half demon Leah who features in future books. The beauty of this particular tale is in actual fact the human element are the biggest monsters here and the prejudice here is symbolic of all that suffer at those who are afraid of difference.

Why is it his in my top Twenty?

This is a courtroom drama, a romance and a supernatural adventure all rolled into one and any book that utilises a human hand as a candelabra has to be a winner, right?

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