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TBC 20/20 Bloggers Event , Book Twelve Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Dead Witch Walking -The Hollows Series Book One by Kim Harrison

Genre: Urban Fantasy


Dead Witch Walking , is the first in the The Hollows series featuring Government  Bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. This is an urban fantasy book and  primarily comprises series  of  mysteries by author Kim Harrison, published by Harper Collins, It revolves around an alternate history set in the city of Cincinnati and its suburbs.
In the 1960s there was a cataclysmic event for humanity .Government experimentations with GM resulted  in (get this !! ) a genetically modified tomato that decimated the human population. As a result magical and supernatural , primarily Witches, Vampires and Werewolves are now able to mix freely with the severely depleted Human population; The series is set approximately forty years after this plague, referred to as 'The Turn' within the series.
Rachel is a witch who works with local law enforcement agencies. The series also focuses on Rachel's relationships with her work partners, a living vampire and a Pixy named Jenks as well as her varied personal relationships with males of various  of the different species represented.

 My Review:

There are obviously many series of a similar nature, but I chanced across this series whilst going through a Vampire Period after the Twilight furore was starting to abate. This book was a comic
revelation and I fell in love with the characters and the premise within moments of cracking the spine. Jenks is a foul mouthed little pixy whose curse chains make me chuckle even now. Ivy the
coolest of beautiful vampires and our heroine  Rachel is a feisty young woman  who brings all the tricks to the table, sufficiently hands on, willing to bend the rules and a loyal and dedicated ally to her friends with an interfering mother to add to the mix. The premise is strong and the introduction of the lowly tomato as a reason for a human apocalypse is just a thing of beauty, brilliance and pure bizarreness.

There are Vampire politicians, Elven Businessmen, human beings who are infinitely more monstrous than their supernatural neighbours and of course the pre requisite vampire  bad boy who intrigues, befuddles and annoys Rachel in equal measure.

There is much to enjoy here and the series develops a deeper and more darker tone as it progresses, but this initial offering is light and frothy, gutsy and very very funny. There is light and shade at work here, sweet sentimental moments  appear alongside the action and intrigue. Harrison has woven a very believable back-story and her characterisation is faceted. This works best when we contemplate the mortality of pixys in a world where Vampires, elves and demons have immortality or at least extended lifespan. Jenks and his pixy family are the highlights of an excellent opener for me, but all characterisation is rounded and there are no real clich√©'s which can be the curse for similar books within the genre. If  trying Dead Witch Walking  does not encourage further reading of the series I will eat a  modified tomato!

Why it is in my Top  20?

Firstly many of the  titles are takes on the spaghetti Westerns  and any author who can play around with Clint Eastwood to create an edgier appeal to the series  with a female protagonist has to be a winner.

Second  any book that can Make a curse word  Tinkerbell you need to read  it in my humble opinion!

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