Monday, 5 December 2016

An Ismael of Syria by Asaad Almohammad

Simply  one of the most stark and revealing books about Syria I have ever read.  More authentic than a myriad political correspondents and a gift to anyone interested in the region and it's current instability.

Written in the voice of Adam an angry, damaged Syrian Refugee in Malaysia. Adam can hold his own in a whole host of political discussion and debate.There is a acidity to the viewpoints here that indicates the story draws on true experience to inform this narrative.

It is upsetting and a clear unblemished mirror  being held  up to the West as many of the basic arguments bandied about in regards to the Middle East are represented, but it is refreshing to hear a Syrian Voice that is not so muddied by the immediate rigours of hunger and abuse but close enough to those ravages to be able to be a believable witness and a commentator of some  considerable deftness of political and social intelligence.

Deeply affecting and a extremely promising first novel from a writer whom I am quite sure is bound for huge things.

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