Monday, 12 December 2016

Book Review: The One by John Marrs

The One by John Marrs

This is one of those mythical books,  the ones on the lips of everyone; the book all the “right” people are talking about!  (I had heard so much about it from the hallowed halls of The Book Club on Facebook that it was impossible to ignore this opportunity to read it under it’s New Title from Publisher Del  Ray/ Ebury Publishing.)

It is  a premise so fresh, vibrant  and relevant and yet it also seems  strange that the simplicity of the idea of love truly  being determined by chemicals at a cellular level has not been used before! It is genius and it  gripped me by the throat and clung on  from the start.

“The One” maps the stories of Five souls whose soulmate has been  matched by DNA rather than the more hit and miss efforts of dating sites, speed dating or random meetings. That match is so accurate that traditional couples are being decimated as individuals discover their partners may not be those that biology dictates are their perfection and bliss.

It is really a collection of Five stories of connections unexplainable and yet utterly compelling and undeniable. From simple beginnings these relationships twist and turn as frequently as the Maze at Hampton Court Palace. Not a trace of trope or stereotype in the bunch.

The Characterisation is beautiful , each and every person has a unique set of flaws and strengths, some infinitely more likeable than others, but  even the most  inhuman is relatable if not easy to empathise with.

I liked the fact that despite what might seem the finality of scientific fact that it is human emotions and frailty that really sends the story ricocheting off into such satisfyingly unexpected directions.  Love ultimately is not linear or easily categorised even with the brightest minds trying to make it so.

I enjoyed “The One”  immensely,the blend of psychological thriller, honest to goodness Romance, and yearnings of other kinds was a  perfect concoction that was gripping from first page to last. As this was my first book by Mr Marrs I can make no comparisons, but on the strength of this experience I feel duty bound to seek out more.

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