Friday, 16 December 2016

Book Review: Santa Claus, Lies and Murder by Sibel Hodge.

Santa Claus, Lies and Murder by Sibel Hodge.

Having never read a Amber Fox story before, I can confidently say that  this will not be my last. This Christmas themed Mystery was a perfect confection of  savvy Heroine, sexy boyfriend and eccentric team of sidekicks. I warmed to the characters quickly which is no mean feat taking into account the brevity of the tale. They have distinct personalities  and characteristics which is really refreshing in a book of this genre.

The crime itself  is lots of fun, the missing bones of St Nicholas and a group of potential suspects in a provincial Museum. Amber can handle herself and this is more mystery than thriller, but it is fast paced and a great taster for the other stories in the series which appear to follow Amber from her fall from  grace at the Police force to the cemented place amongst her peers at the insurance investigation firm with her Hunky Man Brad.

A very enjoyable read!


  1. Thanks so much, Emma! I'm so glad you enjoyed Amber's crazy adventures! :) xx

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