Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Amulet Thief - Fitheach trilogy Bk1. Luanne Bennett

The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett

This kind of book was my reading bread and butter for many moons, but I had erred away from them in the last year, but the premise here was just too tantalising.

As a TBConFB reader copy, I  have been privileged to read this magical romp  and did so with great glee. All the best elements are present, feisty young heroine, in this case it is Irish heritage that demands she be a Red Head. Part of a clan of witches, unbeknownst to her, her heritage means both she and a family heirloom are now integral to the survival of all that is good and great about humanity. Suddenly besieged  by unseen assailants with frightening powers, she is reluctantly taken in by people who claim to know her murdered mother.

We have handsome clansman Greer ( think Adonis rather than bearded bear), glamorous lady witches just to add a frisson of uncertainty to the immediate attraction both mysterious hero and heroine have for each other and a even more confusing satyr with a dangerous sexual allure who appears to be not an evil force, but just an irritating thorn in Greer’s shoe a distraction, he could do without but is not unmanageable.

The magic adversaries here , the almost faceless Wolves appears to more  about the sneak attack than all out battle of the powers, and the amassed “Ravens” do not seem more than shadowy figures in this first outing, but then this first book in the series appears to be a gradual revelatory journey for Alex as she realises just how embroiled she has been in this murky and quite frankly frightening world since birth  and how so many of the truths she held dear were as insubstantial as smoke from the incense on sale at the Magic shop where the story’s origin was really forged.

I enjoyed it as an introductory taster to this series. Now  that Alex’s power seems to be manifesting, I am certain that the breadth and scope of the mythology can be given full reign in the next instalment


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