Thursday, 5 January 2017

Book Review: In Extremis - A Hellbound Novella

This was a quick story to read, but provides plenty to salivate  over for fans of the Ripper Mystery. It is a clever twist on what seems to be the new accepted theory on whom the Whitechapel murder might be and is cleverly evocative of the period, graphic in it's descriptors about the murders themselves and chilling in it's setting of the scene for Mr MCaffrey's Hellbound Story.

Jack the Ripper's appetites are laid bare in this clever amalgam of prose and diary entry to evoke one of the most ardently researched and talked about periods in London's Criminal history.

I enjoyed it very much. I was unaware that both Strychnine and aresenic were used so extensive so as to cause addiction It is the attention to detail here that is so impressive, with secret societies and alliances formed and broken on the spin of fate, this was a very  interesting book and a great precursor to the fuller story.

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