Saturday, 11 February 2017

Book Review: Home by Kate Hughes

Home by Kate Hughes

Full disclosure, Kate contacted me to ask whether I might like to read and review her new book. The premise intrigued me so I readily agreed.

Single mum Sophie , struggles with her decision to place her Autistic daughter into a residential school.

Rosie is a loving and happy  Twelve Year old child. There is one minor problem , her Autism causes her to fixate on things and whilst the physicality  that the expression of her frustrations when thwarted, was easy to manage  when she was small , her size now makes it impossible to manage  her rage and lashing out . It’s never malice, the destruction is not out of any intent, but due to an inability to adequately communicate she expresses her frustration physically.

I found this book a beautiful snapshot into the lives of thousands of families who are blessed with a special needs child.It showed with quite moving  honesty, the trials and tribulations that families face. Siblings taking on carer  responsibilities and perhaps sacrificing part of their childhood in the process. Grandparents who due to societal changes  would perhaps have been totally oblivious to the idea of a  Autism Spectrum who find understanding the condition difficult within the confines of their own experience.

Then of course you have the struggles of parents like  Liam and Sophie, who in the process of dealing with such a heart wrenching decision find themselves on a journey to acceptance and healing after a bitter and painful break up, with the addition of two potential love interests for Sophie, two equally kind enough whose empathy and gentleness are a balm for Sophie’s pain.

This is definitely a book I would recommend ,it is at once an absorbing and interesting story in it’s own right, but also an honest account of the effect Autism can have on a whole family.

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