Saturday, 25 February 2017

Book Review: Sometimes Moments Len Webster

Sometimes Moments by Len Webster

Romance/ Women's fiction

This was my first book by Ms Wiseman and it was three hours very well spent. This is a really beautiful story that at first glance seems to follow an age old path. Young couple seemingly in love prior to College consummate their relationship one special night,  the boy then inexplicably leaves without giving a reason. Leaving  her to remain in her small time life and to grieve his loss without ever knowing why he left, resulting and bitterness and emotional stasis. He  returns to seek redemption when they are grown up. The truth behind the seemingly selfish act reveals  itself in due course and love is rekindled

So far so formulaic, or so I thought...

In actual fact “ Sometimes Moments” was so beautifully crafted and almost lyrical in the sentiment of it’s prose that I found myself drawn into the lives  and falling in love with all of the characters who make up this complex story of so many different kinds of Love that I found myself emotionally invested until the final bittersweet pages.

The cover art and the floral imagery  adds an additional sensory layer  to the beauty of the story, you can smell the blossom and Lavender fragrances as you read the story and this gave me great pleasure.

This is a book that evokes much  emotion, and a lump formed in my throat on more than one occasion, but the underlying theme that Love is precious not for it’s quantity, but in it’s depth  is just beautiful. That even in the direst of circumstance, the  simple times when Love is present should be cherished  and treasured as, for all  their transience, they are gifts from one heart to another.

A touching read.

Four Stars.

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