Friday, 12 May 2017

Summer with the Country Village Vet by Zara Stoneley

This is exactly the kind of book I need when the British Weather is a bit hit and miss, the kind of halcyon British Summer we all crave.

This was like a lovely big hug with a fluffy towel after a warm bath.

What is often called the "Meet Cute" can often seem contrived to get the two potential  lovers together quicker than natural relationships develop  but it is dealt with adeptly here. Despite a chemical attraction, the voracity of that is kept in check by the belief that the other will be  leaving the village after both return to a village life  after different personal difficulties. Both hold back so as not to get embroiled in more complexity.

Lucy and Charlie are nicely matched in the book both in the plot and the amount of time the reader gets to see their points of view as the story progresses. Both troubled by their own personal demons , they are good hearted and kind and perfectly suited to their careers and it was the vet and Primary School Teacher roles that really drew me to this book in the first place..

I love a village setting, it is what draws me to my police detectives, Marple and Barnaby  being prime examples so I was intrigued and delighted to meet the inhabitants of Langtry Meadows. I was not disappointed as the cast of characters are varied, and endearing, the setting familiar enough to feel comfortable, but fresh and authentic too, so whilst the book is a tried and tested formula, it never becomes staid or stale.

Thee are plenty of fun vignettes  with the little humans and feathered, furred  and scaled citizens which will be enjoyed by fans of Herriot and Gervaise Phinn, a book still worth settling down with even if you are jaded by tales of romance. This book was thoroughly enjoyable, wonderfully constructed tale of secrets discovered, sacrifice and hearts mending, oh and Geese!

Many thanks  to Zara and the Publisher for the privilege of reading it.

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