Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse - Review

Whenever I hear about a Amanda Prowse book, the reviewers tend to use the terms, heartbreaking or tear jerking. There is no denying that she is an accomplished writer of what is broadly termed Family Dramas and can certainly harness the essence of the Human Condition in all manner of family settings.

I am certain "The Idea Of You "will join the ranks of her most adored books.

Without giving  too much away, the recent media coverage of  Amanda's own tragic miscarriage  Story has added another dimension to my experience of this story of a loving and devoted couple and the children that never quite made it into this world.

The family dynamic here is all important, this is a story of many strands and about so  much more than pregnancies wished for. The complexity of a modern family is depicted here with a stark honesty and the plot itself evolves too with revelations and developments coming thick and fast.

Whilst it is emotionally ravaging, the story never sinks to mawkishness. The emotions are honest, sometimes unvarnished, always authentic.

The  Idea of You hits you right in the solar plexus, it is written in strong relatable voice which resonates and remains with the reader long after the final page;prompting many questions about the trials of motherhood both realised and thwarted alike but leaving you with a hopeful glow at it's end.

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