Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

I am very much a believer that a TVs adaptation can never do a book justice, so when a TV show affects me as much as this one did I have to go to the source material.

The book was certainly traumatic and my mind was filled with anger and  sadness that so many small acts could end in such a way, but I found the book to be somehow less than what I expected. There was no real resolution after such a traumatic evening, Clay seems almost numb, there was no confrontation, no reaction and for me worst of all no consequence.

The acceptance that this was like a documentary, just a linear explanation with no punishment to be meted or culpability owned up to ,just frustrated me and in a way made me less sure that the book would be a positive thing to inform parents or those teens  in the throes of dark times. The show seemed to be more dynamic and thought provoking because it actually showed the horrendous fallout both from the seemingly small acts of selfishness, wilful ignorance or straight out arrogance that led to Hannah's death and the effect that the revelations on the tapes had on those thirteen individuals and Hannah's parents.

Good but not great.


  1. Hi Emma. You seem to have written this review only for those who have read the book or seen the show. We don't necessarily know who 'Clay' or 'Hannah' are but we know that Hannah dies! Also I can't tell if it's fact or fiction; apart from all of that no problems.....;-)
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  2. I never précis the synopsis, Amazon and other reviewers do that quite adequately!

    However the fact that Hannah is dead is set out on page one, minute one of both book and TV show, no spoilers here!

    1. Thanks Emma. Point taken! I mistakenly thought this Blog might be a good place to find interesting new reads so I will politely bow out. Thank you!

    2. I was honestly not being facetious Barry, I never rehash the plot as I really want people to discover the plot themselves!

      I am sorry this particular post was not to your liking, but stick with me, or at least have a bit of a trawl through older posts.

      I promise there will be something to tickle your fancy!