Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Chivalry a Short Story by Neil Gaiman.

This Short Story  from the king of modern British Fantasy was a delight from start to finish!

Neil Gaiman is swiftly becoming one of my very favourite fantasy writers, everything he writes seems to appeal to the whimsy in me!

The little old lady who rather fortuitously finds the Holy Grail in the Oxfam shop is so sweet, her days are bordering on the mundane, reciprocal visits with her friend who brings her own sweetener and the visits to the charity shop to pick up new romances from mills the and boon  stable at bargain prices (Mr Gaiman has heaps of fun on the titles!) all seem to coalesce into one.

The Grail itself is loved not for what it might get her, but for how it augments the shelf where the image of her husband (now passed on) resides.It brings value to her personally so is the more precious

Galahad arrives on a noble white steed on a quest for the cup of Christ but is put to work on the small lonely jobs she might normally have to do alone and despite being offered great treasures, she demurs. She knows what she can make room for in life, it is not great wonders, but ultimately company and someone to take care of.

There is a light Humour at play here that is classic Neil Gaiman, slightly skewed, always exceedingly clever. I loved it.

The experience was enhanced by this version being read by LeVar Burton as part of his new Podcast series of handpicked short fiction. 

LeVar Burton Reads is available on all Podcast platforms and I highly recommend it!


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